Process Mining

Companies regularly deal with the idea of driving processes forward and optimizing them. Especially because of the advancing digitalization, which offers many possibilities for process optimization.

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Efficient process optimization

Process mining makes it possible to identify and realize improvement potentials. To react to decision-making and business processes and to digitize them, the data of the company is needed. Providing data enables experts to gain insight into business processes and find a targeted solution for the company. 



By using process mining, companies can understand their processes even better. Because of Big Data, companies depend on certain information systems, such as a CRM system.



Information systems collect large data sets and support processes in many ways. Data sets can be obtained when companies place orders or make deliveries. The analysis of various data sets allows companies to record more than a thousand events.



In summary, process mining finds solutions to optimize the problems in the company. As a result, the company gets different views of the processes and can monitor the key factors. At the same time, by shortening the waiting time, the company improves customer satisfaction. Thus, customer satisfaction increases and improves the customer journey. 



With our expertise in payment and process automation, we work efficiently and allow you to save a large part of the profits you make with digital payment methods. Gladly, aye4fin is at your disposal for questions around process mining and supports you in analyzing your processes and monitoring them.