About us

aye4fin GmbH is a global consulting firm specializing in the areas of payment and e-commerce. As a member of the Consileon Group, aye4fin works to take customers and their businesses to the next level while optimizing their processes.



We are a group of passionate payments and marketplace experts who enjoy turning the complexities of today‘s payments space into business opportunities. We connect our expertise in business, payments and digital technologies to provide better experiences for our clients and their clients – for a more positive overall commerce experience. 



Our solutions consist of various components with business, technical and financial aspects. Focusing on just a few of the key components of a solution leads to the underutilized potential of the available resources. This is exactly where we want to start to increase the efficiency of our customers. 

Thomas Tittelbach

With our data-driven benchmarks, we can advise customers on how to improve their performance, for example, by optimizing the configuration of existing partners, introducing new payment options, or adopting new technologies.

Thomas Tittelbach

Trusted partnerships

aye4fin believes in trusted and long-term partnerships that enable faster and more direct access to relevant information in the financial industry.


Global Network

aye4fin has relationships with industry experts and top decision-makers in the payments and e-commerce industry in Europe, the Americas and APAC, providing comprehensive and detailed knowledge. 



In more than 20 years, the aye4fin team has gained detailed knowledge in building and integrating commercial applications shared with clients in retail, finance and other industries.


Complementary team

aye4fin consists of proven industry experts and new minds that enable the creation of new assets and avoid falling behind new market developments and best practices.


Full service

From strategy to execution or from product strategy definition to product development, aye4fin supports customers in all stages of the commercial value chain.