Payment Consulting Services

The consulting services of aye4fin cover the entire value chain of digital payment functions.  


Wherever the customer needs to be provided with a better shopping and payment option adapted to the set goals, we are available with advice and implementation support. 

When consulting, we follow the solution-oriented, agile project approach with the following cycles: 

  1. Define
  2. Measure
  3. Analyze
  4. Improve
  5. Control

Whether Business Blueprint, Software Design Document, Service Level Agreement, Bafin Application or Swift Compliance Certificates, our Solution Designers, Software Developers or Digital Payment Value Architects support with their knowledge and long-term project experience in every stage of your project. 

From the payment ecosystem definition, the development of the appropriate support organization, to the customer satisfaction analysis, we could convince with completed reference projects in the FinTech, automotive, retail and chemical industry and are also happy to face your tasks. 

We advise on the reorganization of the finance department to an in-house bank or a digital payment hub in the central functions of your organization, design, develop and test together with you the best possible integration of payment functions and risk management for your marketplaces, online stores, and branches. 

The top maxims for us in this process are: 

  • Secure and fast technology
  • Compliance with all data protection regulations and industry specifications
  • Adherence to set budgets and timelines

As an agnostic consulting company, we see ourselves as a technology-independent sparring partner in the selection, operation and optimization of the interaction of the components:

  • Global Payment Gateways
  • Payment service providers
  • Point of Sale terminal providers
  • Risk assessment agencies

In all projects, we find the right mix of long-term market expertise and state-of-the-art project management and data analysis approaches (process mining and artificial intelligence). 

aye4fin is constantly in tune with the market and analyzes current innovations to incorporate the latest trends and market needs into our consulting projects. For example, we are already thinking about the integration of Web3, XR, and Crypto technologies into the shopping and payment behavior of tomorrow’s market participants.