Business Potential for Marketplaces

Bringing consumers and sellers together on marketplaces creates a new source of value, but also additional complexity in setup and operation. Efficient workflows, regulated payment systems, and scalable solution designs are just a few issues that need to be considered for sustainable success.  

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The business potential of different marketplaces

Especially a payment system that manages online transactions for marketplaces must face special challenges. Due to strict regulatory requirements, among other things, products and processes with maximum legal certainty are often chosen that do not take advantage of available leeway and thus limit the customer’s buying experience. Market leaders, on the other hand, focus on simple and understandable processes that are seamlessly integrated into the company’s overall strategy to open up maximum business potential and significantly increase customer satisfaction. These market leaders evaluate key factors, such as the purchasing and payment behavior of customers. In this way, they use the data and can draw further conclusions based on the results to meet the customer’s needs.  

However, most market players already face a major barrier when it comes to selecting the right solution or the right provider. This is because differentiating and evaluating a large number of payment service providers on the market, especially about their own needs, requires increasingly detailed expert knowledge. In addition, payment also offers great potential in terms of internationalization. Many PSPs tend to focus on regional markets, but this is mainly due to insufficient capacities. To expand marketplaces and exploit growth potential as much as possible, a certain level of expertise is required. 

With the guiding goal of creating a positive commerce experience for you and your customers, our team is happy to help you overcome these barriers and translate the complexity of the payment world into business potential. Among other things, our dedicated team of proven experts will support you in strategy development, implementation, operation, and continuous optimization of your payment solution. This also includes the selection of the service provider, the technical implementation of regulatory requirements, the application for business model-specific licenses with the desired regulatory authorities, or benchmarking with the global leaders.