Implementation of Payment Service Providers

aye4fin assists in the implementations of payment systems, online stores, market platforms with homogeneous and mixed sellers and the development of platform-oriented business models. We differentiate between market, technology, project phases and operation. 



Possible business models:

  • Different models of payment providers are for example Collecting PSP, Technical PSP, E-Money Institute, Gateway, Acquirer. In addition to the business models, the economic impact of choosing different business models is also described. 

Business Case Calculations:

  • Developing or evaluating business cases within the payments industry.

Market Research:

  • Current trends in the payments industry. Research of geographic, technical, economic developments together with M&A trends.

Creating unique USPs:

  • Advice on how to create USPs as a financial services provider.

Payment methods:

  • Overview of payment methods, their functionality, geographic reach and recommended pricing.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Information is also provided on the division of responsibilities roles involved in offering payment services. 


Backend Perspective:

  • There are a variety of back-end technologies required to offer payment services, including gateways, acquirer connectivity, risk management, verification services, process bus, export and import APIs.

Front-end perspective:  

  • Get an overview of front-end technologies to offer payment services, including provisioned payment pages, payment plugins, Server2Server integrations.

System Perspective:

  • We give them an overview of various technologies used to offer payment services, e.g., reconciliation, reporting, business intelligence.

Management perspective:

  • This includes the systems required to perform administrative tasks and provide payment services, including reconciliation, billing, CRM, accounting, debt management, commission calculation (for commission agreements). 

Project phases


  • During planning, we assist them and provide step-by-step guidance on setting up a payment provider, including milestones and timelines.


  • Establish an organizational structure to support payment activities within the desired geographic and functional scope.


  • To enable a successful payment processing business. 

Product Offering:

  • We create for them the definition of the desired product configuration, e.g., payment methods, collection models, pricing designs.

Product roadmap:

  • In the area of the product roadmap, we advise you to achieve the desired payment product.


  • We define for them the required team and related skills for each position to manage a payment service provider.


Business Processes:

  • Business processes that need to be executed by a payment provider, include due diligence, onboarding, risk management, partner management, and account management.

Technical Processes:

  • aye4fin supports you with the technical processes that need to be executed by a payment provider. This includes 1st and 2nd level support, multilingual support, understanding rejection reasons and managing acquisition settings. 


  • Specific KPIs that support the efficient management of operational activities.


  • To expand the services of a payment provider, we will help you optimize the required capabilities.