Better performance and more sales through positive commerce

Positive Commerce means successful commerce. That’s what we believe at aye4fin. But what does it mean exactly? Is it just about making more profit or about something else entirely?

Positive Commerce

The Secret for Happy Customers

We want to clearly distance ourselves from an outdated and negative idea of commerce. We believe that a positive shopping experience is the cornerstone for a sustainable customer relationship and for more success. That is why we put ourselves in the merchants and buyers´ shoes and apply our extensive knowledge of business, payment, and digital technologies to better meet the needs of merchants and customers – in order to create a positive overall experience in commerce.

Profit alone is not enough

Our idea of “positive commerce” is not just about making more profit. Of course, this is important for merchants but, in the long run, everyone wants something different – satisfaction. What we offer goes far beyond the increase in turnover: we want to make sure that, at the end of the day, all parties involved in the shopping process feel good and are satisfied.

How can we do it? We solve difficult problems for our customers. Our job is to design and implement payment processes that respond to the individual characteristics and needs of the merchants – and that are easy to handle and to run through by their end customers / buyers. There should never be a complicated payment requirement or an abortion during the check-out process.

When the transaction is easy, safe, and successful that feels good. For everyone.

This is what we call “positive commerce”.

Our customers are the focus of our attention. They represent essentially all the trade and industrial businesses, which at some point come to deal with the topic of payments.


Our customers want

  • A smooth and uncomplicated shopping process,
  • A reduction of their costs,
  • Expansion in new geographical markets,
  • Introduction of innovative products that are accepted by (existing) buyers,
  • Establishment of new business models to acquire new buyers, and
  • Buyers who are happy and in a good mood.

Performance and more sales