Payment Orchestration - Optimization of the Payment Strategy

As a partner and expert in electronic payments, aye4fin supports online merchants in planning and implementing customized payment-orchestration. In addition, we advise on the optimization of the payment strategy. 

payment POS
payment POS

A payment setup as individual as you are

Compared to the traditional payment setup, which involves the integration of various payment service providers (PSPs) and payment methods, payment-orchestration should be thought of as a kind of modular construction kit. Here, the setup, or construction kit, consists of various technological and functional building blocks, such as a ZAG license or a payment manager, which you as a merchant can freely combine from internal or external providers. As with a real orchestra, the entire ensemble must harmonize with each other. 



As a merchant, you benefit from unlimited flexibility in the selection of your partners, payment providers, and payment methods. You control and decide for yourself who the best partners are for you. However, we are happy to support you in the decision-making process.


Higher conversion

Probably the most important goal for merchants is to increase conversion, which often goes hand in hand with a positive customer experience. With a variety of payment methods, compatibility with different devices, and acquirer routing, payment processes are optimized for your customers. With the implementation of payment-orchestration, slow payment processing and above-average abandonment rates are a thing of the past.


Leading innovation

With payment-orchestration, you essentially outsource the complexity of payment processing, allowing you to focus on innovating your core business. At the same time, the direct competitive pressure on payment providers also encourages them to offer more innovative solutions and thus stand out from the crowd. 


Fast internationalization 

Smaller and growing merchants often have difficulties finding and integrating the right local providers and payment methods. Payment-Orchestration enables you to expand globally by assisting in strategy and partner identification as well as global connectivity. 


Improved negotiation position

Payment providers come into direct price competition with each other, shifting the balance of power to your advantage. The combination of increased competitive pressure and the newly gained expert know-how enables you to achieve a better negotiating position and significant price advantages. 

aye4fin framework

Payment-Orchestration - Framework

At the core is the Payment-Orchestration Platform, as an elementary technological building block. With the support of payment experts, you decide yourself which payment method you want to integrate via which PSP. Thus, you turn away from the risky single-source strategy and always have a backup at hand.