Interim Operation of Your Payment Ecosystem

At the customer’s request, the aye4fin team will also take over the interim operation of your payment ecosystem. When operating customer systems, we pay the utmost attention to an efficient and multidisciplinary team that effectively supports all necessary processes.


Business Processes:

  • In day-to-day operations, we assist them with all business processes that need to be executed by a payment processor, including due diligence, onboarding, risk management, partner management, and account management. 

Technical Processes:

  • Further, we take care of the issues related to the technical processes that need to be executed by a payment provider, including 1st and 2nd level support, multilingual support, understanding the rejection reasons and acquiring processing management. 


  • During ongoing operations, we monitor the specific KPIs for you that support the efficient management of all operational activities. 


  • Your team gets the support they need to optimize the required capabilities. For this purpose, we work together on the measures to improve your team performance on the one hand and to enhance the services of a payment provider on the other hand.