Payment Services for Industry

Whether it’s an automotive supplier, a major bank, a chemical company, an energy group, or a municipal utility, the payment methods required, and the linked options are as varied as the products offered and target customers. 


Digitalization of the industry

An increasing number of industrial companies find themselves in an environment where they offer their online stores and, in some cases, physical stores with payment options for B2B and B2C. 

Seamless integration into existing ecosystems with customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning (ordering, logistics, financial accounting), and even integrated banking is the main objective of our consulting solution. 

Purchase on account, scale-price, recurring payments, invoicing of service technicians, or mobile spare parts sales up to pop-up stores for employees or warehouse sales, we find the best way of payment with them and enable the most attractive shopping experience for the respective customers. 

We have advised automakers on creating and optimizing the online sales platform from 3D product selection and ERP pricing integration to creating a customer profile for payment of the vehicle through the house bank and ongoing payment for on-demand services. 

For OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) in the automotive supply environment, our expertise is in implementing marketplace solutions so that many suppliers can be listed in shop catalog systems but still only invoice the customer. 

Major banks ask us to implement additive risk assessment technologies, in this case, our consulting approach ranges from the strategy to the definition of the user stories, to the programming of the interfaces into the core banking systems.  

Recent completed and ongoing projects have also repeatedly involved the intelligent linking of existing tools and methods with the help of self-learning algorithms (AI). 

Our experts have supported the largest German chemical company for more than 7 years in the worldwide implementation of a global payment gateway and 25 country installations, for more than 500 branch offices and about 20 online stores.  

The main goal of the program was a unified SAP and Salesforce integration of digital payments, as well as a unified back-office process handling in finance and reporting. 

Energy providers have worked with us to optimize customer loyalty programs whereby previously received loyalty points from an internal or external customer loyalty program can be used during payment. 

We are happy to answer any questions you may have and would like to share our expert knowledge in all areas of the industry.