Payment Process Optimization

As part of our DNA, we focus on helping our clients achieve their goals while remaining curious about new developments.


aye4fin is an independent consulting company that provides services and solutions to clients operating in the payment processing area, e.g., payment providers and companies offering payment services. Our team consists of professionals with proven track records, delivering results to clients based on their expertise and know-how. The management team at aye4fin has management experience in large payment companies and combines this with an extensive network in the payment industry. 

From the development of an idea to its implementation and operational support, we assist our clients wherever needed. With cross-functional experience, aye4fin incorporates different perspectives, e.g., business, technical, operational and regulatory, to create sustainable solutions for its clients. 

Founded in Cologne, Germany, aye4fin is continuously expanding its team to meet the expectations of its international clientele and currently provides services from locations in Cologne and Amsterdam. In 2022, the aye4fin team has a total of over 20 employees in Europe. 

Smart account reconciliation as an example of an optimization project.

Smart Reconciliation


Incoming Data:

  • We analyze for you what inbound data is received, including authorization, billing, settlement, bank account information.

Outbound Data:

  • We analyze for you what information is needed from connected systems, including accounting, billing and reporting platforms.


  • We establish the financial and technical processes for them to receive and submit all required data.

Reconciliation process:

  • We provide them with a detailed overview of the current reconciliation process.

Target Structure

Incoming data:

  • We provide them with an overview of all incoming data required for transaction-level data reconciliation.

Outbound data:

  • We give them an overview of all outbound data required for transaction-level data reconciliation.


  • We describe for them all the processes required to match transactions.

Clearing rules:

  • We give them an overview of recommended clearing rules and how they should be applied to their system.

Exception handling:

  • We give them an overview of how exceptional transactions are handled.

Product selection

We work with you to create a market overview of the available tools and guide you through the bidding and selection process.

Project plan (example)


  • Analyze the customer’s current situation by interviewing all involved staff and reviewing the available information.

Develop target situation:

  • Building on step 1, develop a target situation that highly automates the existing business and technical processes.

Develop project plan to achieve target situation:

  • Develop a project plan to achieve agreed objectives, considering make-or-buy solutions, including milestones and timelines.

Execute project:

  • Execute the project, including all business and technical processes.

Launch project:

  • After executing the planned project, start the process.

Handover to internal teams:

  • Hand over the processes to the internal team.