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Our expertise lies in the improvement of online payment processing. This means that we analyze transactions, compare global standards and help to optimize existing payment systems in order to make the most of growth opportunities.
Data analytics
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Payment POS

Converting customers - instead of losing them

Many online stores lose individual orders or even customers if they are unable to select their preferred payment method or if the actual payment process is interrupted because, for example, the credit card authorization does not work. In other words, the customer is standing at the checkout, has his wallet in his hand, but cannot buy the goods because he cannot pay for them. Would you continue to shop with this provider? Probably not. 



How are payment issues bundled and managed internally? 
What responsibilities are assigned to the payment area? What kind of communication culture exists with the payment service providers? 



Which payment methods are relevant for your store? 
Have country-specific features been considered? 
Are our target customers reached on all relevant channels and are customer satisfaction guaranteed during the purchase process? 



How are the existing payment methods integrated? 
Can you optimize interfaces and thus make your payment processing more efficient? 
To what extent are the existing processes automated? 



Is relevant payment data measured and documented accordingly? Are your evaluations based on your data collection or do you use the services of your payment providers? Are measures regularly derived from the data collected to improve performance? 

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Are our risk management procedures properly implemented? 
How can potential fraud activities be detected and prevented? 
Do customers feel safe when shopping online in your store?