Payment Potential Analysis for Globally Operating Online Retailer



  • The customer is a global online retailer and wants to optimise the acceptance rates in his online shop to reduce his costs
  • Through the service offered by aye4fin, the customer also receives various benchmarks of the payment processes and an evaluation regarding the introduction of new products and processes


  • Extraction of data from different partners
  • Normalisation of transaction data
  • Creating different dashboards
  • Potential analysis consisting of a data analysis of the results regarding abnormalities and the identification of optimisation potential

Benefits for the customer

  • Performance comparison for payment processing
  • Provision by independent partners
  • Access to experts with appropriate experience
  • Data-based optimisation measures

Globally Operating


Our contribution

  • Consolidation of data
  • Analysis of data from three payment providers
  • Process analysis
  • Identification and evaluation of optimisation options
  • Creation of a result report
  • Presentation of the results