Conception of a Global Reporting Platform



  • The customer needs a new concept for a global BI platform or reporting platform
  • This includes the identification and description of relevant product features, a proposal for the system architecture, a proposal for various operating model variants and the evaluation of implementation scenarios


  • Analysis of current activities and goals
  • Interviews with current stakeholders
  • Creation of the business requirements
  • Multi-stage iterations with stakeholders
  • Presentation of the final concept at the customer’s

Benefits for the customer

  • Operational experience with data-driven platforms
  • Detailed payment experience
  • Expertise in the design and development of MVPs
  • Short-term availability
  • Holistic experience regarding professional, technical, and operational aspects

Our contribution

  • Product owner
  • Project coordination
  • Creation of the platform specification
  • Selection of technical implementation partners
  • Presentation of the results