aye4fin donates to Malawi project Kampini

Commitment to community development in Malawi through employee initiative

Once again this year, we would like to meet our social responsibility and support “Kampini”, a development project in Malawi that is close to our hearts. This initiative is the brainchild of our employee Torsten Knörr, who is actively committed to improving living conditions in the East African country. Torsten is supporting an inspiring project that aims to bring about sustainable change in Lilongwe and the surrounding area.

Malawi Map

The donation from aye4fin will be used to strengthen the infrastructure and care for local people as well as to create jobs and improve the general quality of life in the region.

Our Managing Director Thomas Tittelbach commented on the campaign as follows: “We are extremely proud to support our employees in social activities. The initiative of our employee Torsten in Malawi has a lasting impact on the lives of the local people and we look forward to further successes and reports from Torsten.”

aye4fin also encourages other employees to get involved in similar projects and plans to further expand its social responsibility in the future.


Short interview with Torsten Knörr

  • How did you decide to support this aid project?

In 2019, I saw a documentary on ZDF about an aid project in Malawi. I then contacted the head of the project and asked if I could volunteer to help with the project. I then flew to Malawi for the first time in May 2019 and ended up helping with the project. A few years later in 2022, I bought farmland myself and first built a house there and later the Greenhouse with the aquaponics system and an insect farm.

  • What are your long-term plans?

Our next project is about supply. We plan to produce fish and vegetables for the rural population in need. The fish will be fed with insect larvae. The vegetables will then be fertilized with the excrements of the fish. Peace Mnelemba, who is my local partner and with whom I have had a trusting relationship for years, supports me in this.

  • What is planned for the next visit?

During our next visit in December 2023, we would like to use the aye4fin donation to dig a well and build a solar heating system to heat the water in the fish tanks to the optimum temperature. Exciting tasks are waiting for us.