aye4fin is a guest author in the KPMG Newsletter 12/2023

Corporate fintech as a growth driver for digital innovations

While digital payments will be one of the growth drivers for innovations in the future, corporate structures have hardly changed. Companies such as Amazon, OTTO and REWE are successfully setting new standards here by bundling all payment activities in their own companies, so-called Corporate Fintechs.

In the latest newsletter from KPMG Germany, our Managing Director Thomas Tittelbach presented when such a setup adds up and how it can be implemented efficiently.

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The advantages of a corporate fintech are in particular:

  • Optimization of conversion rates, as customer processes can be designed individually and without dependence on service providers.
  • Offer your own payment services, such as BNPL or OpenBanking, allows you to increase your own added value.
  • Cost savings, e.g. for invoice and installment purchases, by bundling payments and intelligently managing the payment mix.
  • Fintech Offering as a relevant share of sales in the company in order to successfully differentiate itself from competitors.
  • Risk minimization by building up its own expertise and reducing its dependence on external partners.

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