2024: The year of payment innovations - an outlook on upcoming trends

The world of payments is evolving rapidly! We are convinced that the following trends will shape payment transactions in 2024:

  • Social media payments
    Social platforms are becoming payment hubs! Shopping directly via social media is becoming a reality, with purchase and payment integrated into one simple process.
  • Payment orchestration
    Standardized payment management will be crucial! Orchestrating payments enables conversion rates to be increased across all sales channels.
  • Corporate Fintech
    Fintech is becoming increasingly relevant not only for consumers, but also for companies. With corporate fintechs, companies bundle competencies in independent companies.
  • Instant payments
    Real-time payments will become the norm! The future of payments is lightning fast, made possible by innovative technologies.
  • Digital currency
    The future could be characterized by cryptocurrencies and central bank-supported digital currencies; with the digital EUR, we will see the dawn of a new world in the next few years.
  • Buy now, pay later
    Flexibility in shopping is key! The ability to buy now and pay later continues to grow in popularity and is changing the way consumers shop.
  • AI Payment
    Artificial intelligence is also revolutionizing payments! Developments are currently focused on increasing efficiency, but new applications will emerge in the future.

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innovations – an outlook on upcoming trends