Introduction of a process mining competence center



  • The customer is a globally operating cross-system payment eco-system and would like to have a central overview of all running process variants and the resulting bottlenecks, analyses and defined KPIs. 
  • Through the service offered by aye4fin, the customer receives a digital twin of all its payment processes and sees the current evaluations interactively in a market-leading process mining tool. 


  • Extraction of data from different systems (ERP/PSP/Bank/external logistics) and import into the data cloud
  • Anonymization and validation of the raw data
  • Transfer and mapping in a FinTech data model
  • Creation and incorporation of various dashboards
  • Potential analysis consisting of data analysis of the results in terms of anomalies and the identification of optimization potential

Benefits for the customer

  • Performance comparison for payment processing, periods, channels, customer segments, processing groups, banking tools
  • Data-based optimization measures for bottlenecks along the entire process chain
  • Information and/or elimination of unwanted process combinations
  • Visual, cross-system representation of payment and return processes

Introduction of a process mining competence center


Our contribution

  • Consolidation, anonymization and cloud upload of data
  • Creation of the FinTech data model
  • Process representation in the process mining cloud
  • Identification and evaluation of optimization options
  • Helping to build a center of excellence for process mining