Rabea Ehrlich, Senior Consultant at aye4fin, to be a speaker at the OMR24 festival

Rabea Ehrlich, Senior Consultant at aye4fin, will be a speaker at the OMR festival on 7-8 May 2024 in Hamburg.

The Festival for the Digital Universe is inter alia organized by OMR Reviews – a leading software review platform in the DACH market.

On the Guided Tours during the festival, industry experts guide attendants around the OMR festival site on various digital marketing topics and provide them with background valuable information, insights and anecdotes about exhibitors, stages and other promotions.

Our speaker Rabea Ehrlich will lead a guided tour focusing on the European market of payment service providers. She will equip the selected participants with the right tools to take the best decisions by:

  • discussing the key criteria and potential pitfalls when selecting the right solution,
  • highlighting current trends and show ways you can use them to your advantage,
  • sharing exciting insights about payment methods, service providers and fees from current projects, and
  • using market examples from leading companies to show how they view payments strategically.

There is huge interest in the payment topic from various merchants, given that the European market is now populated by over 300 payment providers. Thus, finding the right solution for the specific business can become a challenging and daunting task. Selecting the most appropriate payment service provider is an exciting opportunity in the world of payments which can directly increase sales and optimize conversions provided it is used correctly.

In case you won‘t be able to attend OMR this year, feel free to reach out to discuss your payment topics with us directly.