Client Case: Destination Solutions | HRS Group

Interview with Thomas Tittelbach

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We are pleased to have successfully assisted the HRS subsidiary Destination Solutions | HRS GROUP to integrate an innovative payment solution.

What makes marketplace payments so complicated compared to traditional online stores?

In online stores, there is typically a merchant who sells goods or services directly to the end customer. The situation is different with marketplaces, where the marketplace operator merely brokers transactions. This makes it necessary to establish digital processes for the automated configuration and verification, the so-called KYC process, of merchants. In addition, the payout processes are another feature that must be implemented automatically.

Why should companies concern themselves with the topic of the online marketplace?

Marketplaces that are implemented in a customer-friendly way achieve growth that is 50% higher than online stores. Out of this potential, many online retailers are working to build marketplace and ecosystem solutions to take advantage of these growth opportunities.

What have you already implemented in this regard?

After we selected the service provider, our team as business consultant and project manager managed the implementation of the project. Currently, we are actively involved in completing the rollout and further developing the product.

Many thanks to Lars Brinkmann and the Destination Solutions team for the great cooperation!

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