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aye4fin is excited to continue its growth and welcomes a new team member: An interview with our new process mining and payments expert Martin Kunze

Martin Kunze started his career at KPMG in the Post-Merger Integration Division for large clients. By 2010, Martin moved to The Linde Group as a global process owner accounts payable/receivable and cash management. He implemented a global card and alternative payment solution and supported several vendor payments and customer cash allocation platform installations in Sydney, Sao Paulo, and Manila.

As appointed Head of Process Excellence, he took care of process excellence in all operational finance areas and co-led the establishment of Linde Group’s robotics process automation initiative. Later his responsibility was the setup of a “Process Mining Factory” for Linde plc., to support the decision-making and synergy gain process in the post-merger situation.

Since October of this year, Martin is part of the aye4fin team as a Digital Payment Value Architect, supporting our clients with efficient and state-of-the-art process investigation and optimization of the digital payment value chain. With 20 years of experience in the finance and payments space, we are confident that Martin will bring added value to the company and, most of all, our clients.

To get to know Martin a little better and give you valuable insights into the complex world of process mining and what it has to do with payments, we asked our teammate about current topics:

The jump from a large industry group like Linde to a boutique advisory like aye4fin might not be for everyone. So, Martin, what made you take that leap?

I was always more the pioneering kind of team member helping the different regions and countries inside Linde to find the best way in innovative technologies and ecosystems.
Wherewith the merger of Linde and Praxair the strategic decision was made to give more responsibility to the operational units and so the payment platform and Process Mining Center adopted their way of delivery and demand management.
To keep the pioneering momentum, I decided for a change outside Linde, where the position that combines a Payment Manager, RPA Consultant, and Process Mining Business Value Architect is currently not known in the wider industry.
So, I asked my network including Thomas Tittelbach who was our consultant for Linde since 2014, loved the idea of combining the Payment Know-How and RPA/Process Mining skills under the roof of aye4fin.
Here we go – now I  am part of the ambitious aye4fin team advising retailers and corporates with innovative solutions to run the FinTech related tasks of digital payments.

Speaking of your qualifications and experience, process mining provides a vital addition to business intelligence and business process management. But in short, how would you describe process mining to those unfamiliar with it, and how can our clients use it to add value to their business?

Process mining replaces the gut feeling about pitfalls, variants, and the long duration time of commonly known processes with a scientifically based evaluation of data points. That points are captured and anonymized along the process chain and merged and interpreted with the help of an algorithm. The results are visualized in easy-to-understand dashboards, showing where a process can be streamlined, sped up, or replaced. Process Mining helps to govern a process by highlighting not optimal/forbidden process variants in real-time. And finally, the tool can make/take/support priority decisions on the next tasks a team, department, or organization should perform.

Where do you currently see the biggest use case of Process Mining and RPA in the digital payment integration for companies?

The integration of digital payments in online shops and marketplaces has been focused so far on Sales and Distribution, where on the Finance and Accounting side there is still a major process gap where process mining can help most companies. The money received on the bank account and the reconciliation report with the open items of the respective customers is widely done manual.

So, we use the combined data from 3 sources:

  • online shops or marketplaces
  • Payment Service Providers and e-wallets (e.g., Stripe or PayPal)
  • electronic bank statements of the selling companies

and create a so-called digital twin of the end-to-end process.

The digital twin helps to perform the reconciliation of open items faster or even fully automated. In other words, we help to create a FinTech area in the account receivable departments.

How do you see the impact of the latest developments in the payment industry like buy now pay later, QR code payments and NFC rings?

I like and support all kinds of payments that make it easy for customers to get the product they desire, so all new schemes are welcome. aye4fin supports on the “seller” side, to close the resulting gaps and connect the new process points. With the knowledge that we combine at aye4fin now, we can consult on current solutions and future trends of payment methods, payment service providers, e-wallet, and related processes.

What trends do you see for 2022?

If I would know the next best thing, I would invest right now instead of answering your questions. We will see trends that are new, and we will pioneer how to use them best, in the ecosystem of our respective customers. Moscow Metro (public transport) is currently checking the approach and acceptance of face-recognition payments while Australia is optimizing the EFTPOS Tap and Pay.
The existing players will grow and the seamless integration of the FinTech world into the “old” economy will move on. Stripe from the USA has acquired Reckon in India, PayPal and Pinterest have plans and meanwhile more than 50 fresh start-ups got funding to explore even more creative solutions to use the digital world and create better processes and products.

We sincerely thank Martin for his time and his insightful answers to these current topics. We are just as excited as our new team member as to what the future has in stock!

If you would like to know more about how Martin and the aye4fin team can support you, get in touch with us directly!