Exciting insights from the latest OMR event!

At the heart of modern business strategies lies the fusion of innovation and authenticity.

aye4fin were the payment experts at the OMR Festival 2024 with Rabea Ehrlich leading a guided tour focused on best practices in the PSP selection. The journey provided valuable overview of the market as well as hints as to when it makes sense for an enterprise to “do-it-yourself” by establishing their own corporate fintech.

Gaining firsthand knowledge from industry leaders like Dominic Hoffmann, the Head of Northern and Central Europe at Klarna, Christopher Henke, Sales lead for the DACH at Mollie, and Sanjit Bastian Bhatia, Enterprise Sales Manager at Adyen was a priceless chance for all business executives and enthusiasts to compare the payment providers.

The Festival for the Digital Universe gathered over 60,000 people and prioritized human connection and interaction.

The branding secret that Kim Kardashian unveiled during her glorious presence is that authenticity reigns supreme in building a successful brand. Just like payment expertise is key when setting up your own fintech.

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