aye4fin is co-author of the latest The Paypers Report on Payment Orchestration

As co-authors in the latest The Paypers Cross-Border Payments and Ecommerce Report, we have shared our view on current and future trends in Payment Orchestration. 


Based on various projects on the selection and implementation of payment orchestration platforms, we see the following key trends: 

  1. the relevance of payment orchestration platforms (POP) will increase in the coming years due to the growing diversity of payment service providers, payment methods, 

  2. POPs and payment service providers will continue to exist in active coopetition, with no signs of complete cannibalization, 

  3. we expect the first payment orchestration platforms with a focus on retailers in the near future in order to reduce the risks from single sourcing partnerships,

  4. in order to establish a sustainable and high-margin business model, POPs must also offer additional services in future, such as their own payment services, and

  5. in the future, POPs must focus more on the automation of back-office processes in order to meet the efficiency needs of their customers. 

If you have any further questions about POP selection and implementation, our @Thomas Tittelbach would be happy to hear from you! 
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