“Why Financial Services don’t require a Tie anymore.”

The story of aye4fin started a long time ago with a young man, who was interested in starting a career in Financial Services but did not want to wear a tie. After an alternative apprenticeship as mechanic and studying business engineering he started his career in E-Commerce and Payments not requiring a tie anymore.

Today aye4fin stands for innovative solutions for the financial industry combined with sharing our knowledge from multiple projects. Local knowledge on a global scale is part of our DNA as we strongly believe in cross-border commerce as essential part of our daily life providing valuable assets to continuous economic growth.

Solutions consist of different components with, among others, business, technical and financial aspects. Focusing only of some of the key parts of a solution will lead to insufficient use of funds which we would like to avoid increasing our client’s efficiency.

This unique value proposition makes it easy to create and optimize payment solutions able to accept payments worldwide via all sales channels enabling clients to develop their business to the next level while optimizing their processes.

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